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Alarming Amcade

At 03:52 AM 7/4/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Basil Pappas Wrote:

>Unfortunately, most (not all)  telecine houses in New York have no idea what
>ACMADE was designed for, which is indeed alarming, as Mike Most points out.
>The current attitude of most (not all) video dailies houses in New York
>towards precision in the way synced film dailies are delivered is deplorable.
>I find it alarming, to say the least,  that one of the most prominent labs in
>this city has no idea how ACMADE inknumbers are used in feature film

Dear Mr. Pappas:
 I am sorry, but when I answered Dave C.'s question I did not consult the DuArt
brain trust before I started typing. I do not speak for Duart as a whole just as
a Colorist answering a question from my point of view. Mr.Pappas you should
not be alarmed, I have transfered countless acmade jobs during my 9 years at
DuArt and
every job had accurate burn-ins and flawless "SMPTE A" 2:3 precision. 
I admit I did not give the use of acmade numbers downstream of the telecine
much thought when I framed my answer. I am always concerned that the color 
of the print transfer accurately represented the projected image in the
screening room and that all the numbers are dead nuts on. I thank you
 for your post I found it most informative. 

Jim Mann
Formerly of DuArt/Now freelance

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