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Re: ACMED code

On Jul 5, 12:26, Rich Torpey wrote:
} Subject: Re: ACMED code

> A commercial house can indeed go many years 
> without seeing Acmade code. I am not surprised by that, nor would I be 

Let's see, I have 14 years as a colorist, and probably 98% of that is
with commercials.  Though I have heard of ACMADE code, I have
absolutely zero experience with it, and no idea how it worked until
the recent discussion here.  I am enlightened, yet not sure how I will
ever use the enlightening.

> with aspects of digital film effects that I take for granted(when was the 
> last time you hand tweaked a NIS map or NFS automounter<g>?). It's a varied 
> business and we all have a lot to learn from each other.

good point.  But I must admit I frequently adjust the autofs
filesystems on three different machines Rich ;-).  By the way, do you
have much experience with rdist?


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