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Re: automatic filmspeed for DP's

Kodak has also introduced a consumer film called Gold Max that has 
wide exposure latitude. They have been advertising on TV that it will 
for "all lighting conditions".  I believe it may be related to the 
Professional format.  Both are T grain types.  I have not tried 
either, yet.
The Ektrapress is DX coded to 640, but I'm not sure about the Gold Max 
information I saw did not have a ISO rating).


Ektapress used to be avaliable as a 100, 400 and 1600 ASA stock.  
They've all been replaced by Kodak "Multispeed" which can be exposed 
between the afore mentioned ASA's.

If the Advantix system could be used on motion picture films, could 
the data
be stored fast enough to be of any use, and if so, what type of camera 
would be needed?

Well of course we already have Aatoncode on film for timecode etc, but 
it is an interesting idea.  Not really coming from a telecine 
background, how much of an advantage would it be to have exposure 
information available to the tk colourist ?  What about it JP ?

John Brawley

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