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RE: conforming the neg.

Tony Munroe wrote:-
>>Edge codes and Key codes are both actually on the raw stock
>>of the negative.  Each contain a dot which occurs just before 
>>the number, which is usually taken to be the zero frame 
>>[ie, KD 54 4563 5432 + 00] on the count sheets.  The usual
>>step is to make sure that all involved (Editor, Optical Line-
>>Up, Negative Cutter) decide that if a dot is absolutely in the
>>middle of a frameline, then the one to the (higher number) 
>>side is the + 00 or zero frame.

The dot is never in the middle of a frameline, as it appears _exactly
opposite_ a perforation, and this position is locked in at the
manufacturing stage. The dot is taken to correspond to that perforation,
which is unambiguously next to one frame (as the frameline is always
between perfs). If there is any doubt, then it is because the camera
frameline is seriously off-position, which is going to cause grief when
the print is projected.

However, the adjustment of any offset between a Keykode reader head and
the point of reference (i.e. gate) on any logging system (bench,
telecine etc) is very sensitive.  Because the dot can appear on perf
1,2,3 or 4 of a frame, any error of half a perf (and often much less)
can cause mislogging of up to 25% of negative.  

With nightmarish results.

            Dominic Case   
            Atlab Australia   


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