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RE: conforming the neg.

>--Daniel Fort, Assistant Film Editor wrote

>>>Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that on 16mm the Keycode dot (or
>>>frame) appears every half foot (or 20 frames).
>>You are right about 16mm, on 35mm the dot appears every half-foot or 32

Let's be quite specific here.  In 35mm, Keykodes increment only every 64
perfs (1 foot).  However, midway between each Keykode, Kodak print the
same KK number again: the human readable bit is smaller, the barcode bit
includes a "+32" to indicate that it is a mid-foot code (in Kodak's
terminology).  The reason for the repeat is so that you can cut up film
less than 16 frames long and have a better chance of keeping a Keykode
on it.

In 16mm, the Keykodes increment every 20 frames, which of ocurse is half
a foot. 

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