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RE: conforming the neg.

Chuck Kahn / odin at interlog.com wrote
>DFort at aol.com sez:
>>Remember that the
>>dot can fall on any of the four perforations on 35mm--I'm talking about the
>>standard formats used for theatrical release.
>So what happens on non-standard formats like 3-perf or 2-perf?

There's a dot every 64 perfs: in 2-perf that's not really a problem, the
dot will occur every 32 frames. 

But in 3-perf, it's harder. The dot appears every 21 1/3 frames - so in
practice we can count either 21 or 22 frames between dots, depending on
where the sequence started.  Logging systems need to specify whether a
logged frame has the dot at perf 1,2 or 3. It all starts to sound a bit
like 3/2 pulldown and A,B,C,D frames.  What can possibly go wrong?

Has anyone heard of a successful, frame-accurate match back to negative
in 3-perf for a film finish?

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            Atlab Australia   
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