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Conforming the Neg

Dominic Case is precisely correct in his 7 July explanation of 35mm & 16mm 
edgeprinting -- position and reason for half-foot repetition.  Correct also is 
Daniel Fort in his 5 July post -- the zero frame reference dot can never occur 
on the frame line.

Daniel said:
>I would suggest contacting Kodak or Fuji and getting their key number spec
>sheet for further information.

Kodak edgeprint guides for 16mm, 35mm & 65mm films are available free from 
your Kodak Rep.  The guides also list the letter designators for all current 
Kodak stocks.

Dominic went on to say:
>However, the adjustment of any offset between a Keykode reader head and
>the point of reference (i.e. gate) on any logging system (bench,
>telecine etc) is very sensitive.  Because the dot can appear on perf
>1,2,3 or 4 of a frame, any error of half a perf (and often much less)
>can cause mislogging of up to 25% of negative.  With nightmarish results.

Please contact me if you'd like the user's guide explaining how the Kodak 
Keykode verification film addresses this problem and determines the accuracy 
of an entire reader system.  Snail mail or fax.

Don Ver Ploeg
Kodak consultant

thanks to Gary Shaw of Pacific Video Canada for support of the TIG in 1997
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