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Re: KR

On Sat, 5 Jul 1997, GaryCoates at aol.com wrote:
>Bob Festa reported a new prefix KR read by his Evertz but not appearing on
>any stock information tables. The same has happened to me with a few cans of
>the new 5274 200T stock from Kodak. The odd thing is the Kodak stock table
>identifies it as KZ. I'll see if a Kodak rep can clarify the discrepancy.

Wierd!  KR was the designator for Eastman Digital Sound Recording film, 2374. 
Made only in 35mm, Estar base, this film was introduced in 1990 for Cinema 
Digital Sound, and discontinued in 1992.  Can't imagine it finding its way to 
a telecine!

You're right -- KZ is the designator for Kodak Vision 200T film, 5274 & 7274.

Hope this helps.

Don Ver Ploeg
Kodak consultant

PS  Gary, I thought your "Dear Colorist" article on New Telecine Tools for    
 Exposure Evaluation was excellent!  Well written and very informative.

thanks to Gary Shaw of Pacific Video Canada for support of the TIG in 1997
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