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Re: ACMED code

Hi Basil,

<< I find it alarming, to say the least,  that one of the most prominent labs
in this city has no idea how ACMADE inknumbers are used in feature film
production. >>

You might be interested to know that DuArt (Jim Mann's former employer) was
 considering installing an Acmade machine up until a couple of years ago.
 But given the rise of electronic film post production and the corresponding
decline in the use of workprint as well as mag, the decision was made not to
buy the machine.  Of course we support whatever numbering systems our clients
wish to use in their telecine transfers, including Acmed, but very few
customers have said "aw shucks" when we can't print the numbers on the film.

Given the fact that Acmed numbers are mainly applicable to a style of feature
film post production that some people in the business consider outdated --
and they are by no means univerally used even for that -- it is no surprise
whatsoever that some film and video veterans have never dealt with them.
 That anybody who knows about Acmed numbers would be alarmed by this is the
real surprise!

Christopher Bacon

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