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Re: Problems - da Vinci cont.

Hi Phil,

We are running a da Vinci 8:8:8 with DUI and TLC, on an URSA Gold in one of
our telecine suites.  It is a dual-standard room, so we have had a bit of
experience with using the equipment in PAL and NTSC.  None of the problems
you mentioned have occurred here, at least not with the severity you
indicate, and of the few difficulties we had, none turned out to be inherent
software or hardware problems.

Assuming it is properly installed, da Vinci's ethernet is more than fast
enough for the system.  The only caveat is that they do not recommend hanging
anything else (like more workstations) on the ethernet, as heavy traffic from
other devices could cause timing problems between the DUI and the mainframe.

As an aside, double or single sheilded twisted-pair cable is not necessarily
the best to use for ethernet wiring.  The sheilding increases the cable
capacitance, which cuts into both the data rate and cable length that can be

I suggest that you look into the following

1. The DUI system here is running on an Indy.  As we know, Silicon Graphics
replaced that fine platform with the O2.  The O2's native operating system is
 currently Irix 6.3, not 6.2 or 5.3.  Having the wrong operating system
version would more than likely gum the works, since the internals of the O2
are quite a bit different than the Indy.   An older version of the DUI
program would probably run on an O2, but there's no way to know what kind of
bugs you might run into (if any).  It would be best to have a version that
has been ported, checked out, and verified for the O2 with Irix 6.3 -- which
is presumably what da Vinci sent you.

You might want to investigate whether or not you could borrow an Indy-based
DUI to try with your system, to see if the difficulties are coming from the
"head end."

2. The TLC set-up procedure must be followed to the letter, otherwise it will
exhibit all sorts of misbehavior, in PAL, NTSC, or both.  But if you are
having bad communications between the DUI and the mainframe, it might be
impossible to get the TLC set up properly.  You indicated previously that
there were some non-TLC problems going on, so your TLC difficulties are
probably another symptom of some other problem.  This needs to be resolved
first, then the TLC set-up gone through again, following which you will
probably find that it works just as well in PAL as NTSC.

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Film & Video

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