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Re: ACMED code (ACMADE!!)

In a message dated 7/7/97 2:39:32 PM, Christoper Bacon wrote:

<<Given the fact that Acmed numbers are mainly applicable to a style of
film post production that some people in the business consider outdated --
and they are by no means univerally used even for that -- it is no surprise
whatsoever that some film and video veterans have never dealt with them.>>


First of all, the term is ACMADE, as far as I know. It is an American

Second, every feature film editing room in the world today uses ACMADE code,
regardless of what other medium they edit with, ie Avid/Lightworks.

If they have workprint and mag, they've got ACMADE. It is by no means
I believe closer attention needs to be given to the way Hollywood features
work by labs in New York.
Consistently, the Hollywood editors complain that NY labs have no idea what
their needs are.
Your statement that this (ACMADE) mode is outdated only supports their

Basil Pappas

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