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Problems - da Vinci

Hi Phil,
I heard from Bertel whilst he was in Hamburg,
and now via the TIG that your problems with the daVinciSystem are still not
I am the suppurt-engineer for das Werk Hamburg -my company is systems
integrator working freelance for MTM-- 
I have worked on URSAs and Golds since several years now, I put the first
URSA into germany and the last two years I build systems in ASIA, Hongkong
and Bangkok were 4 URSA Golds a 444 URSA and a MKIII were my " Babys"
combined with the evercrashing neverrealy-working
daVinci´s ( imagine 4 of them !! and the owners insisted!).
not to compare with the URSA /Poglecombination I work on before!!!!!!
we went through a lot of Soft/hardware and systemspecific problems which
were most the times very
clever covered by the DV excuses but came up everytime I put more pressure
into the phonecalls with the US-which is by the way the only way to find
out anything.
Jennifer Berins I think is her name, was quite often able to either get me
back into workingcondition after there supportengineer messed up - or in
contact with the right softwareguy to talk to.
yes it takes time and I always insisted to be called back by DV ( boosted
there phonebills I think),
but at the end ( pissed) Operators (frustrated) Bookings and (steaming)
Management agreed that 
the DV System is just not good for your health or the health of a company.
technicaly it might be the better process but in pratice this system is a
nightmare for people trying to make money with it.
It is not ready yet!!

but here I am to save you <G>!
what I can offer, is send me a list of Problems which I can check and
partly pass on to the guys in Bangkok and Hongkong ( China) to try and find
bugs in the operating systemsoftware and proof that they happen elsewere!
talk to Bertel about sytemsproblems and as offered before come to see you
in Munich and check your system with my background of 14 years of
systemswork in Highend Post.
I cant prommise but Hangkong and Bangkok Telecines work to a level were
people say : well its a daVinci but... we could not swap them to Pogles.

let me know the systemdetails and talk to 
Bertel about me, if you like I can try to support you
stay in touch
Jürgen Kantenwein

PS: where do I know you from, have you worked in London before?

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