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Re: automatic filmspeed (still film)

>Unfortunately many of the potential advantages of APS of being able to 
>record specifics of the scene (light value, color temperature, flash on/off,
> distance) on the magnetics of the film are not implemented in current 
>Of course for professional motion picture applications a clear magnetic 
>overcoat has all sorts of interesting possibilies for logging and....
>My 2 cents worth,
>Ken Rockwell
>(Tektronix by day) 

I remember reading some Eastman advertising several years ago about
"Datacode", which was a clear ( and allegedly neutral) magnetic coating for
Eastman Motion Picture stocks.  I heard it did was dropped because it
introduced other problems. I'm curious if this has resurfaced as part of the
APS system?

I've talked to some independent still photo lab owners who are in no hurry
to implement the APS system due to cost factors, and reduced image size.
Most seem to be hoping it dies a quick death.  

Developing more versatile film stocks with wider exposure latitude and finer
grain would be beneficial to both consumers and motion picture DPs.  But (as
far as even more data) what do you want to do, write the equivalent of "War
and Peace" on each frame? ;-)
Craig Nichols
Todd-AO Video

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