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Re: ACMED code (ACMADE!!)

Dear Basil,

First, thank you for setting me straight on the spelling of Acmade.  I've
seen it in print both ways, and have wondered what the story is there.
 (Looking back over this thread, in which both spellings appear, I'd be
willing to bet I'm not the only one!)

I can't quite figure where you are coming from when you say "every feature
editing room in the world today uses ACMADE code."  I have firsthand
knowledge of several in New York that are doing a fine job of editing
features, sometimes even with workprint and mag track, and Acmade is not a
part of their process.  I suspect there are probably other feature editors
around the world (maybe even in Hollywood) who get their work out without the
benefit of Acmade code, but I never asked all of them and wouldn't want to
make a generalization I couldn't back up.

Although we are getting away from the subject of telecine, the fact of the
matter is that Acmade numbers are not machine readable.  Keykode from the OCN
is, if the workprint is made on a printer with proper edge lighting.  Now I'm
not about to tell you that offsets all the other advantages of Acmade
numbers, but I've noticed that people generally prefer to put numbers into
computers -- particularly when the process can be automated -- rather than
write them down on paper.  Perhaps that is why some people see Acmade numbers
as being a bit quaint!

Finally, what works in Hollywood doesn't necessarily go over big in New York,
and what goes in New York ain't necessarily all the rage in California
either.  It's only a question of style; it doesn't mean anybody is right or
wrong.  While we do our best to accomodate our clients, and do support Acmade
numbers in our telecine transfers (as I said previously), we are not a
television network with deep pockets.  We must consider the bottom line on
every equipment purchase.  If we thought an Acmade machine in our setting
would pay for itself, there would be one here.

Cordially yours,

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Video

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