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and, I believe, Aaton

Michael D. Most  7/7/97 17:28  wrote:

> The more modern method of counting 3 perf is to use a 21 frame 
> rollover for the first 2 keys (the count rolls over after +20 frames) 
> and a 22 frame rollover for the 3rd (the count rolls over 
> after +21 frames). This is the scheme used by Evertz and, I believe,
> Aaton, as well as Lightworks and in the near future, Avid. In these 
> systems, the 3rd key is predetermined to be the one with the perf 
> dot on perf 3.
* and, I believe, Aaton *.

Hey, Mike! 

Let me give you a quick history review:
The 21-21-22 (perf 3) system was invented by Aaton and put into practice 
on Keylink January 1994. It was demoed at Complete-Post LA, April 94,
and proposed to the industry during a meeting organized by Avid 
(Michael Phillips, Joel Swann) at the NAB 94 with the participation 
of the main 3Perf players/manufacturers.

The Aaton system was one of several propositions (including the 
Kodak/TLC 64 frame 'yard' periodicity), but was the one which 
finally prevailed once we helped some manufacturers make it workable 
in their equipment.  :)

Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's.


Jean-Pierre Beauviala                      http://www.aaton.com

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