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>> I can't quite figure where you are coming from when you say "every feature
editing room in the world today uses ACMADE code."  I have firsthand
knowledge of several in New York that are doing a fine job of editing
features, sometimes even with workprint and mag track, and Acmade is not a
part of their process.  I suspect there are probably other feature editors
around the world (maybe even in Hollywood) who get their work out without the
benefit of Acmade code, but I never asked all of them and wouldn't want to
make a generalization I couldn't back up. < < 

They may not be specifically using an Acmade machine, but I guarantee you that if they're cutting on film, they are using some type of edge coder (possibly an older style ink coder, used in Hollywood primarily for preview coding - if you need an explanation of what that is, I'll be happy to explain it). They have to -- if you don't, there's no way to keep picture and track in sync after a cut has been made!

Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.

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