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Re: Mirror Rehab

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Dave Corbitt


>To: Spence Burton <sburton at henninger.com>
>From: Dave Corbitt <dc at mte.com>
>Subject: Re: Mirror Rehab
>>To the TIG:
>>Does anyone out there have a source for resurfacing the Front Surface
>>Mirror of a MKIII?...
>>Spence Burton
>>Mgr Film Services
>>Henninger Media Services
>The people we have been using for several years now are;
>P.A. Clausing, Inc.
>8038 Monticello Ave.
>Skokie, IL 60076
>ph 847-676-0330
>These people can resurface your mirrors with a better and harder surface
>than the original Balzers coating.  They also sell a very useful fluid
>called Miro-Lens for cleaning the mirrors that will not leave a film if
>used carefully (I recommend it highly).  I originally got this name from
>the people at Rank.  They were using Clausing for resurfacing mirrors
>also.  It's a good idea to have a spare mirror on hand so you can
>routinely send your mirrors out for resurfacing.  We send each one out on
>the average about once every couple of years (we have 4 telecines here).
>A good clean scratch free mirror is an often overlooked key element for
>good images.

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