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Re: Problems - da Vinci

  Juergen Kantenwein writes:

> but at the end ( pissed) Operators (frustrated) Bookings and (steaming)
> Management agreed that 
> the DV System is just not good for your health or the health of a company.
> technically it might be the better process but in practice this system is a
> nightmare for people trying to make money with it.
> It is not ready yet!!

Now really folks, this is simply not true.  Our DV system is working 
just fine, and it is one of the latest models.  To be sure, there are 
some very minimal quirks which are easy to work around, but we are 
having no major problems (ie, downtime) at all.  Each installation 
has its own set of problems so gross overgeneralizations should not 
be construed as real data.  No nightmares going on here, folks.

Robert Lovejoy 
Shooters Post & Transfer

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