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Re: Problems - da Vinci

Juergen, and all,

This is indented as neither a fire fanning exercise, nor an attack, but I
think I should give just a little of the other side of the rather vilific
point of view that Mr. Kantenwein put forward, if only in defense of the
people who may not even be aware of the slights being made on them.

Until very recently, for five years, I took care of da Vinci's affairs in
the Asia Pacific region including all of the 'babies' that Juergen refers to.

Apart from misrepresneting yourself, Juergen, I believe that you have also
seriously misrepresented the so called 'da Vinci' problems. I personally
visited, time out of number, the facility you worked at, and your HK sister
facility, to reported problems only to end up finding telecine problems,
system problems, equipment failures, incessant power problems and
operational problems - and yes I would be lying if I said your da Vinci
never had problems but these tended to be the exception and were dealt with
in a very expedient manner.

Juergen, you and I both know where most of your discontentment with that
facility lay, (in fact I am struggling to find anything that you were
actually content with!), and to make such an unprofessional posting,
attempting (though admittedly - this is an open forum) to defecate all over
a product and a company that went out of their way to help you - I find
very disappointing to the point of disgust.

I hope that you now find in Germany the perfection that you so ardently
sought in Thailand and never seemed to find - perhaps you were looking in
the wrong places!

As mentioned, I no longer work for da Vinci, though I still have the da
Vinci tattoo and I am proud to have vested my reputation in said company
and its products.

Juergen, if you wish to make constructive, critical comments, by all means
go ahead, but please, go vent your spleen elsewhere.

I do not intend to turn this into a mud slinging match, and so will only
respond further on this topic off line.

Stephen Byrne

Stephen Byrne - byrnesm at pacific.net.sg Tel +65 9619 4923

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