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Re: ACMED code (ACMADE!!)

In a message dated 97-07-08 23:55:56 EDT, mmost at encorevideo.com writes:

<< I guarantee you that if they're cutting on film, they are using some type
of edge coder >>

Thank you, Mike. I still maintain the NY video dailies labs really don't
understand the everyday process of a feature film editing room that edits on
Avid and conforms workprint and mag on a daily basis for screenings.

Sure, the original location audio is DAT, but I've never seen a dailies
projector that syncs workprint to DAT. Christopher Bacon doesn't believe it,
but mag is alive and well in the feature world. It still provides the fastest
medium of getting audio dailies into a screening room before lunch every day.

Basil Pappas

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