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RE: KR again

Gary Coates said:

>> The Evertz apparently recognizes the "74" in the barcode and flags it as
>>KR, the
>stock that Don Ver Ploeg described. 

The existing Evertz lookup tables are based on information previously
printed on the Kodak KeyKode chart which lists 2374 with the letter code
R.  These tables have now been updated to reflect the new Kodak
5274/7274 Vision 200T stock with a letter code Z. Updated versions will
be available from our Web page or our BBS within a few days.

Unfortunately, there is no simple way of identifying when old numbers
have been reused and replaced with new numbers.  The barcode on the film
only shows '74' not 2374 or 5274 so it is possible to confuse the letter
codes when new stocks reuse old letters.  Don Ver Ploeg and I are
discussing ways of preventing this type of happening in the future.
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