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Re: ACMADE code

	First I would like to thank those TIG members who have helped clear
the air and educate those of us who have not had the opportunity before now
to work with clients who use ACMADE coding (I stand corrected on my initial
spelling).  The current thread posted on this group has been very valuable
towards creating a good understanding of this topic. My original posting
was asked out of a genuine interest in learning about something that we had
not encountered here at my facility until recently when the booming feature
industry in New York has made it obvious we needed to bone up on ACMADE and
other techniques.  ACMADE is indeed used in New York, our feature clients
at Manhattan Transfer have made that apparent to us.  We were traditionally
a commercials only post facility until the current business climate changed
to the more mixed bag we now deal with. Now ACMADE coded workprint with
ACMADE coded mag is not unusual, it's just a fairly new experience to us.

	I am a bit put off by some of the answers that imply that being
ignorant of something we've not been exposed to is some sort of
unforgiveable crime.  I thought the whole idea of the tig was to be able to
ask questions and get useful answers.  I know that often times I have
helped others out whenever I could without any judgemental and slanderous
remarks about a person's geographical origins or native intelligence. I
will gladly continue to do so whenever I can.

Thanks again to all.

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