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Hard words?

Hello Rob,
sorry that my first public apearance in TIG was that heavy, it actualy
is difficould to phrase diplomatic( in english) if the subject hits the
right/ wrong nerve!
I will be more respective next time!
the following I sent to Stephen and If you think itīs ok please forward it
to all

>hello Stephen,
sad to hear that you have left daVinci! 
It was a good experiance for mé to work with the "Asian" daVinci People and
my posting into TIG NEVER ment to attack you, even if I say -screwd up-- no
personal attack, I know that with some problems there was no forseeable
thing you or your colleque could do to eliminate the upcomming problems !!!
So please understand that repeating the feelings expressed by members of
the Asian Pacific Post Group -- far more often than you heard them-- is
just a subjective measure of what happened in this company AND others
before where operators and other people under pressure put out strong
comments but also get upset and insecure about the performance of there
Phil Buddenīs List just reminded me about mine.
In this situation " the experts" get asked why there was no warning
beforehand--It happened even in VideoPost,- what can you answer!?
Donīt get me wrong Stephen there is no perfect system and never will be but
what I am missing is more responsability for a high price product to be put
into a sensitive and moneyintens market like ourīs! 
And this is NOT at all addressed to daVinci exclusively this is a general
Idea of quit a big group of people who wants to stay with this business for
some more time making profit AND friends.
Companies, people!!!! depend apon "professional" equipment and if there is
not enough relayability companies-- the people---, do get in trouble!
there have been enough other funnies in this company but with all respect
Stephenthere were several  nights when I was sitting in TC checking things
to look into in our installation and I realy think that my questions to DV
/ Jennifer and you had good quality and I did my best to work together with
you to get it going!
Please accept my appologie,If it sounded rude to you
forgive me for using the words of people with english 
as there native language repeating them without leveling.
I usualy speak german and mabe you can imagine what I would have said <g>
please keep in touch


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