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CML& TIG: sound and film

In reply to comments about 16mm sound (in a thread that started with
super 16 blowups) in the cinematography-l list,

Dirk DeJonghe <dejonghe at kortrijk.be>  wrote:

>Actually, it is not too difficult syncing up a professional DAT recorder
>with timecode to a film projector. I have a client who used a simple
>proximity switch installed on the projector axis to generate 50Hz pulses
that he sends into the DAT synchronizer.

Meanwhile,  over in the telecine interest group, following a very long
strand that started with ACMADE rubber ink edge numbers, 

John Portnoy wrote:

In fact, I've even heard of one
cutting room that took the digitized audio from their Avid to a ProTools
in a
screening room, so that dailies could be projected with audio and

Both messages arrived on the same day.

Is this what they mean by "convergence"?

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