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Re: Telecine to DVCPRO

This won't help you, but...

We've been using DVCPRO for TK transfer quite a lot.  We've been verh 
happy with the way it performs.  DVCPRO is the pick of the the DV 
formats, but we haven't looked at Digital S as yet.....

I wasn't aware that DVCPRO compressed intrafield.  I know that it 
compresses intraframe (unlike Betacam SX with MPEG).  We haven't 
noticed any compression artefacts at all.  Of course, we don't have 
all the 30FPS 3/2 pulldown issues you face.

John Brawley
Lemac Film & Video Services
Melbourne Australia

 >  I am a filmmaker with a special project.  I want to telecine 16mm 
(shot at 24 fps) to the new digital video format for consumers and
professional videographers.  I will probably use DVCPRO but the other
options are DVC, DVCAM, Digital-S, etc.

   I understand that the DVC codec compression algorithm can detect
movement between fields and if necessary compress each field 
Compressing fields separately produces a poorer quality image than
compressing a full frame.

   Unfortunately SMPTE 3/2 pull down will create artificial frames 
look like motion. These artificial frame will not compress well.

   QUESTION: Is there some way to ask the telecine operator to turn 
3/2 pull down and simply project the film at 23.976 frames per second,
doubling some of the frames to get 29.97 frames per second?

   Is anyone currently doing this? (That is telecine directly to 
format without storing the image on analog tape (or digital tape with 
incompatible codec)?

   Also is anyone converting Super-16 film with the 1.7778 aspect 
to DVCPRO (so the DVCPRO images appear to have anamorphic 

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