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Reading KC at 24.975fps

Ken Robinson/Imagen Transfer  7/1/97 0:54  wrote:
> I have someone here in Chile who has a problem that I know someone out
> there can solve!!!
> He filmed in the UK  at 25fps including Sound at the same speed.
> Then he flew back to Chile and transferred all the material to NTSC but
> at 25 fps.  There wasn't any problem syncing the sound but now there is
> a worry about cutting the negative ...

Tim Holmgren/Pinnacle Post
> We are xferring film that was shot in Africa at 25 fps. We are 
> xferring to NTSC and want to run the Rank (MkIII C/ Digiscan 4) 
> at 24.975 fps....

Jim Erikson/ColorLab
> ... It is 16mm negative shot 25 fps with 25 fps Aatoncode.    
> The producer insists on an NTSC transfer and edit...  

Bonjour Ken and al,

Since these 25fps(24.975)to NTSC transfers are becoming 'almost'
common practice these days, we more and more receive desperate(?)
messages like your's. 
The Keylink can work in this mode - that we call the P mode* - 
provided all the players upstream and downstream the film/video/film 
chain don't leave us high and dry.   

  * Out of five film images _P A B C D_ running at 24.975fps,  
  a 2:2:3:2:3 field repetition pattern makes for twelve fields 
  _P1 P2 A1 A2 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 D1 D2 D3_ which produces six video   
  frames _ P1P2 A1A2 B1B2 B3C1 C2D1 D2D3_ in 29.97fps NTSC.
  We put a 'P' ahead of ABCD instead of an 'E' at the end,
  to avoid any confusion with the A-frame when talking 
  about the edit reference; an ABCDE sequence would use the E-frame 
  as the edit reference)

Wich means that you need:
1 - that telecine and speed controller manufacturers
deliver a stable and repetitive (2:2:3:2:3) frame pulse pattern. 
BTS, Cintel, VPT, etc.

2 - that TK edit-controller mnfctr insure edits on P-frames 
like they do on A-frames in the (2:3:2:3) world.
Pandora, TLC daVinci, Astec etc.

3 - that TK code-reader mnfctr tag the twelve fields and deliver 
frame accurate Keycode lists like they do with 24fps/NTSC. 
Aaton (ok, done), Evertz, Excalibur, etc.

3-  and above all, that NLE manufacturers handle the '2:2:3' 
P-frame sequence the way they did for the '2:3' A-frame sequence
Avid, Lightworks, etc.

Suggestions needed from TIG telecine engineers 
   ... and high pressure on other mnfctrs from facility managers!


Who wants to organize a 25/NTSC manufacturer meeting 
in neutral land?  you Ken in Santiago :)

Jean-Pierre Beauviala                      http://www.aaton.com

thanks to The Post Group for support of the TIG in 1997
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the Telecine Internet Group  <http://www.alegria.com/telecinehome.html>