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Insert VITC into component?

It's been many months since my query about inserting VITC into our
component video signal. We didn't want to have to buy a new box (we had
two Evertz 4025s). But, the best solution was to buy a new Evertz (I
believe the model was 8025) or Aaton.
So, we take the serial signal (with VITC encoded) from the Aaton into a
Miranda serial-to-analog converter to get our VITC'ed component. I hope
that's right. I'm not an engineer, but that's how I understand his
Just wanted to tie up lose ends about our situation. I understand that
Ensemble also had a DA converter. Both are under $2000.
---------------------------------tear here to avoid unabashed
No, this was not just a cheap ploy to advise Bay area cinematographers
that they can get Aaton code transferred at our facility.

CB Gaines, colorist
Monaco Video

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