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Re: HD time line developing?

JimErkson at aol.com wrote:
   The entire show will be edited 16/9, and then converted to 4/3 to
> create the broadcast tape.
> In talking to post production chiefs at the network, their plan is to begin
> posting this way so that these NTSC 16/9 shows can later be upconverted to HD
> as the format begins to take hold.
> They suggested that no pure HD shows would be produced for at least 5 years.
>  Has anyone else out there received similar information?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when producing in 16:9 and
releasing in 4:3. When recording anamorphic 16:9  at  13.5 Mhz (normal D-1)
and then electronic streching of the signal to 4:3 you will lose
horizontal resolution. Your 4:3 pictures are comprimsed. You will have
to also watch out for your framing of extreme left and right entrances
and action.
Upconverting from 16:9 525 to 16:9 1125 is being discussed because so
many shows allready finished electronicly cannot be reasambled from
orginal film elements. The best you can hope for with an upconversion is
to make it look as good as the origanal 525 with out any scan lines.
Film is a little easier upconverting since it was scanned progressivly.
You can make a 525 progressive with repeated frames. Bear in mind though
your horizontal resolution will still remain at 720 pixels instead the
1920 pixels that 1125i is.
As for the time frame CBS is allready doing tests on shooting and
posting their prime time shows in HD. HBO recently anounced that they
will be broadcasting HD in the fall of 1998. We and others are
transferring feature films now to HD and downconverting out the 525 and
625 releases. I beleive for some shows upconversion will be the answer
for the near future but HD production is ramping up fast. I only wish
the equipment for HD was ramping up just as fast.

Howard Lukk 

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