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Re: Telecine No- Drift !

On Jul 15, 11:45, Peter Swinson wrote:
} Subject: Telecine No- Drift !

> However modern CRT based digital telecines have built in absolute
> references and drift correction. The earliest version of this was
> Ursa's

Peter, I can appreciate your desire to set the record straight on the
capabilities of modern CRT-based digital telecines, and the
information is welcome and valuable.

> BTW this type of correction is identical to CCD telecines which use a
> system known as FPN (Fixed Pattern Noise) correction, and I can assure
> you light bulbs age a lot faster and over a much greater brightness
> range than CRTs.

> what is done second to second or even hour to hour to remove CCD
> drift?  Maybe something or maybe not.

However, the above statements open the floodgates for a response
by Philips/BTS, which now I'm going to have to try to ensure does not
escalate into a product advertising war.

We now standby for the response from Philips/BTS, and I ask everyone
to remain courteously professional and to try to keep the remarks


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