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RE: RE>Re: Sony HD Telecine Review

 >> > In my opinion.......There is no problem using sprocket drive, this is
> how the camera works.

But the camera makes one pass on the film, the telecine potentially
many.  I had the impression that one of the greatest advancements of
the modern telecine age was the advent of the Rank transport's gentle
nature, which allowed transfer of negative, in the mid-1970's. << 

 My biggest potential problem with the return of the film chain approach is not film handling, but mechanical maintenance. Camera movements are constantly cleaned and maintained by people who know how to do this. Video facilities (as opposed to optical houses or film labs) are not used to complicated mechanical movements, or the level of maintenance probably required, at either the engineering or operational level. Keeping negative clean during multiple passes through a fairly involved mechanical gate (as opposed to the single sprocket drive in a Panaflex) is another issue I'm not completely clear on.

  Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.

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