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RE: RE>Re: Sony HD Telecine Review

 >> Clearly Sony has made great strides with its HD telecine since the
presentations they gave at NAB. The position sensor system is extremely
ingenious - I bet there are a few telecine designers out there saying "I
wish I had thought of that" - but how do they adjust the position of the
frame? Are there micro-adjustments to the sprocket drive to get each frame
accurately aligned? How does it work horizontally? <<

My understanding is that the light source is mechanically deflected (by a mirrorred surface mechanically driven by the correction signal) to scan a slightly different part of the frame to account for the registration drift. I might point out that it's actually quite similar conceptually to EPR (in which the tube's scan patch is moved to stay registered with the film, rather than the film being mechanically pinned), although, of course, a very different arrangement for both generating the correction signal (variable capacitance) and deflecting the scanning source. 

Apart from that, my other concern is with the zoom and rotate. Doing it
mechanically of course eliminates digital artifacts, but I very much doubt
if it can be achieved in a frame bar, which means that changing settings
can only be achieved with assemble edits. Is that going to be practical in

 I agree, it certainly wouldn't be practical, and I never really got a satisfactory answer from Sony on a real-time alternative.

  Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A.

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