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RE: RE>Re: Sony HD Telecine Review

>>But the camera makes one pass on the film, the telecine potentially

Besides, a camera problem is usually (Ok, not always) picked up at the
shoot (magazine noise, gate check etc, and another take isn't a
disaster.  Damaged negative a day later causes much greater problems to
the production. 

>>My biggest potential problem with the return of the film chain approach is
>>not film handling, but mechanical maintenance. Camera movements are
>>constantly cleaned and maintained by people who know how to do this. Video
>>facilities (as opposed to optical houses or film labs) are not used to
>>complicated mechanical movements, or the level of maintenance probably
>>required, at either the engineering or operational level. <

Hear hear. Worth re-quoting as is. The mechanical properties of
sprockets and celluloid are every bit as critical as the electronic
properties of the rest of the chain, and require as much specialised

            Dominic Case   
            Atlab Australia   

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