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RE>Re: RE>Re: Sony HD Telecine Review

>But the camera makes one pass on the film, the telecine potentially
>many.  I had the impression that one of the greatest advancements of
>the modern telecine age was the advent of the Rank transport's gentle
>nature, which allowed transfer of negative, in the mid-1970's.

There are other clever solutions to transport film other than use a rubber puck gripping the precious film emulsion..... 
The advancement made using capstan drive was the ability to shuttle / stop / shuttle etc very fast to quickly find shots etc. The Mk2 with it's claw box could not do this . The Mk3 etc was an improvement in this area BUT could not match the steadiness of the Mk2.
One problem with the capstan arrangement  is slippage. If the contact area is not in perfect clean condition plus compounded by the colourist's need to wrap the film across the capstan rather than use the omega wrap because  vertical stability is reduced in 35mm, there risks a very real chance of cinch marks or damage. Of course this is rare as all good engineers and colourists keep this area clean, but I've known it to  happen.
The metaspeed gates have  sprockets for stability that do not seem to cause problems, true they are not driven.
Projectors run film many times over and do not shed the sprockets or allow only one showing per print.

Paul Grace

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