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RE: RE>Re: RE>Re: Sony HD Telecine Review RE

 The Mk2 with it's claw box could not do this . The Mk3 etc was an improvement 
in this area BUT could not match the steadiness of the Mk2.

For how long though? The MKII claw mechanism was an extremely complicated hi 
spec box. Rather like a formula 1 race car , its perfect for a short time.

Projectors run film many times over and do not shed the sprockets or allo=
w only one showing per print.

These people surely do not value their film as much as "we" do. If we make a 
mistake and ruin the neg...wow.. i hate to think. The proj.ist gets another 
print. I've seen some pretty horrible splices go through at cinema's with new 
releases.If some sprockets go just stick it back together. Try that on your 

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