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Re: Sony HD Telecine Review

Postulated thus far:
> > In my opinion.......There is no problem using sprocket drive, this is
> > how the camera works.
> But the camera makes one pass on the film, the telecine potentially
> many.  I had the impression that one of the greatest advancements of
> the modern telecine age was the advent of the Rank transport's gentle
> nature, which allowed transfer of negative, in the mid-1970's.

Regarding Sony's sprocket drive, no one has mentioned shuttling the 
film.  Is this an issue?  Goodness knows I've seen enough film that 
had been damaged in camera from running at high speed; and the 
steadigates to which folks are referring were designed for slow speed 
operation.  In every negative transfer session I know, high speed 
shuttling is a must.

Bob Lovejoy

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