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Bill Hogan  bhogan at sprocketdig.com  28/07/97 10:51  wrote:

>  To All in the LA area or those with a large travel budget ..del..
>  But the real reason for this posting is .. more del.. 
>  the "newly invented" REAL Technicolor Dye Transfer Imbibition 
>  (IB) process.

I'm sorry I don't have the very large travel budget required
to come and hear the new sound standard and see the technicolor 
'revival' projection.

Only the Chinese were foolish enough to continue to run the old  
technicolor process said to rely upon dyes and chemicals 
which were no longer accepted in environment and health conscious 
contries because of their highly toxic manufacturing process.
If this process is back in the US, I can only suppose that the 
ecological questions are now under control. Can you take advantage 
of this Academy presentation to ask some questions about that and 
then tell us more on this aspect, since nobody I know will accept 
to look at blacker shades of black at the cost of poisoning 
the planet even more.

Best wishes


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