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Re: HP 601 proc amp

>Can anyone help me with the model number or name of the CCIR601 proc-amp
>that Hewlett Packard sells. A contact name of someone at HP that knows
>the unit would be great to. If anyone knows af any other 601 proc-amp
>products, I would like to hear about all of them. (blatant invitation to
>manufacturers to send sales pitch to my E-mail) Thank you. Vince.


I am also desperately seeking a 601 proc-amp.  We basically need one for
basic TBC controls.  To repeat Vince, If anyone knows of any (not necessary
the HP model) please let me know.


Ken Cosi
Imagen Transfer
Santiago, Chile
KCosi at reuna.cl

P.S. Vince...  Why do you need one?

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