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Re: HP 601 proc amp

Just to clarify Joe Wolcott's posting, since I designed both the Videotek
SDC-101 and the DPA-100:
The SDC-101 legalizes RGB by applying variable clip in 4:4:4 RGB. There is
some "very close to transparent" signal transcoding back and forth between
YCbCr and RGB. The clip being applied to RGB components directly, it will
"bend the vector". The DPA-100 (Digital Proc Amp) legalizes for composite,
NTSC or PAL, without doing any transcoding, and so is absolutely transparent
for all "legal" signals, and does not "bend the vector". The definition of
"legal" being variable, and the subject of much past discussion here, so are
the limits of the legalizer.
Robert Stenzel
Sr. Project Engineer
Videotek Inc.

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