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Re: HP 601 proc amp

At 11:25 30-07-97 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Kenneth:
>You should investigate the VideoTek SDC-101 Serial Digital Color

I have one been tested right now. We will probably use it as an inexpensive
"color corrector" for a one light telecine bay we have purchased because our
customers ask for some specific change on particular shots within a reel
during one light transfer session (one and a half light).

We are more interested in its color correction range and ability to make
changes based on time-code than 601 proc performance (after all it comes to
an U-matic for off-line).

I will try to post our colorists impressions. I am not sure I have the time
to evaluate it as a legalizer but I'll try.


Adrian Costoya <acostoya at starnet.net.ar>
Director of Engineering
Metrovision Producciones S.A.
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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