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Re: Coments re: Film Reg.

Hans Lehmann wrote:
> As has been stated in this thread while Michael was out of 
> town, the Sony telecine uses an intermittent-motion film 
> transport.  The greatly simplifies the scanning process 
> to determine the misregistration of the film.

That being the case, definately.

> The capacitive sensors don't have any real 'density' in the 
> way that a CCD array has 'density'.

> The film is allegedly scanned in 8 places per film frame, 
> which would probably mean a total of 16 sensors (one each 
> for X & Y position detection for each film performation).


> The varying proportion of air -vs- film stock within the 
> gap of each sensor changes the dielectric constant of the 
> capacitor formed by the gap, which is easily converted 
> into a error signal.

Sounds good.

> The moving glass used to reposition the image doesn't 
> need to move very quickly in this application.

Yes. As long as it's finished during vertical.


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