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RE: New to Telecine and your gr

>The fluid is usually tetrachlorethylene, which as the required
>refractive index.
>The fluid used for the only telecine wet gate systems that i know of
>(Peterson and Schmitzer) is perchlorxxxx. Several other brand names of the
>same thing also exist. The easiest to pronounce is Perklone. This is commonly
>known as dry cleaning fluid , and is toxic. Our room ventilation systems have
>very carefully calculated.
>Contrary to many beliefs (and quite clearly when you think about it),
>wet gate does NOT remove dirt. It only works with scratches or cinches.
>(Strictly it doesn't remove them either, it only makes them invisible.
>If a film is dirty then it should be cleaned before a wet gate transfer ,
>however , the wet gate does a 99% job in cleaning normal dirty film. Between
>the sealing wipers and the fluid washing loose dirt off of the film the
>results are extremely good. As you say the image appears to be slightly
>sharper and colours seem to have more depth.  Cell side scratches do
>disappear completely , emulsion scratches are improved greatly.
>Graham Collett

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