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RE: Wet gate

Graham Collett writes:-

>>>The fluid is usually tetrachlorethylene, which as the required
>>>refractive index.

>>The fluid used for the only telecine wet gate systems that i know of
>(Peterson and Schmitzer) is perchlorxxxx

Same thing.

>>If a film is dirty then it should be cleaned before a wet gate transfer ,
>however , the wet gate does a 99% job in cleaning normal dirty film. 

No ifs - a film should invariably be cleaned before printing or transfer
(in the lab if not in the telecine facility). Loose dirt isn't an issue.
 If dirt is stuck on, then a wet gate won't remove it, and (as I said
before) can't make it invisible.  Ultrasonic or buffer cleaning is a bit
more likely to remove this dirt.

All efforts to remove blemishes this way are more time and cost
effective than routinely dust-busting or spotting the resultant transfer
in the on-line suite.

            Dominic Case   
            Atlab Australia   

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