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Re: Coments re: Film Reg. -Reply

Mike Chiado wrote:
> > The film is allegedly scanned in 8 places per film frame,  > which
> would probably mean a total of 16 sensors (one each  > for X & Y
> position detection for each film performation).
> I recall from the ITS demo that 8 perfs were used for vertical
> stabilization, but only 2 perf pairs were used for horizontal.  I
> guess that means that 4 instead of 8 perfs are used for horizontal
> stabilizing.  No explanation was offered for the different number of
> perfs used for the y versus x directions.

If in fact it is an intermittent pull down, I find it 
interesting that they are sensing the position of the frame
electronically after its just been pulled down in real time 
by a mechanical claw.??  By the way, is it pulled down by a 
mech claw?

I would tend to think that most likely, all horiz correction
is by done by edge guiding and the 8 perfs (or whatever) is all 
for vertical positioning.  Otherwise, as I have stated before, 
the horiz correction (which requires probably more accurate 
detection and much more precise and complex correction) would 
probably not rely on this technique.

If there is only x and y (optical 'glass') correction then 
why measure the perf in two places for precision horizontal 
correction beyond that of edge guiding?

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