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Re: Coments re: Film Reg. -Reply

Hi all,

What would be nice, is if on the AATON cameras they could blink one of the
light emitting diodes that generate the Aaton codes, when the film is held
still during the exposure. If they did this on each frame, then the
telecine manufactures could build a system to look for this dot and then
use it as a stabilisation reference. It would then cancel out the
instability in both the camera and the telecine.

AATON could just do it, most likely with just a software change, and then
when the telecine guys get around to supporting it, then it might work.

It is getting late, (3:40am)  and I have not really thought about this
properly, but I thought that It might be interesting idea.

Anyone care to comment?


Grant Petty
Complete Post
Melbourne, Australia.

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