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Re: Your industry choice

On Aug 1, 16:21, "Martin Banks" wrote:
} Subject: Your industry choice

> Anyway, I was wondering if any of you would like to regale about how
> you got started in the business? 

Ah Martin, ye've started here a certain avalanche... we are nothing if
not expert in regalia...

I wended my way into telecine via a circuitous route of internship:
janitor, studio manager, accountant, dubbing, edit assist, editor,
telecine assist, telecine colorist.  Previous profession:
musician/taxi driver (NYC).

My advice: there is nothing better than learning from a master.
Apprentice yourself to the best colorist you can, absorb the
technique, and then apply your own personality.  I had the advantage,
when I came to Los Angeles in 1983, of working as Bob Festa's
assistant for six months before I replaced him as the colorist at
Action Video.  

We're having the annual Action Video reunion this very evening in
Hollywood, thereby making this regalia appropriate ;-).


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