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Re: Coments re: Film Reg.

> >Michael Kaye wrote:

> >If in fact it is an intermittent pull down, I find it
> >interesting that they are sensing the position of the frame
> >electronically after its just been pulled down in real time
> >by a mechanical claw.??  By the way, is it pulled down by a
> >mech claw?

> Phil Mendelson then responded by saying:

> No, it's not....the only registration used is the previously described
> electro-optical system.
> Phil


I was referring to the technique used for each film frame 
that 'intermittently' gets pulled down into position in the 


Then Mike Chiado wrote:

> No, the mechanical claw drive was eliminated and replaced by
> intermittent and continuous drive sprockets.

Now I'm really confused. Do you mean that the film is driven 
into place by a sprocketed roller intermittently accellerating 
and decellerating in real time at 24fps?  (ouch!)

I always refer of the term "continuous drive" as just that, 
continuous (like a capstan), not intermittent.  

It was just reported by Hans Lehmann's post that this system 
uses an "Intermittent Motion Film Transport" which is how it 
"greatly simplifies the scanning process", according to Hans.

Which is it?  Intermittent or continuous?

Better yet, when the film frame is being scanned, is it in motion
at all, or stopped?

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