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Ilford HP5 transfer

I wonder if any of you colorists can help me out. I've had Ilford's HP5 Plus 
transferred to Betacam a couple of times, and the tapes were noisier than I 
would have expected for properly exposed film. 

Recently, Gus Roos on the cinematography list described his experience of 
cutting HP5 Plus:

<<<What struck me was the toughness of the ILFORD-emulsion : You had to scrape
it rather strongly with a razor blade to take it apart, unlike Plus-X and
Tri-X where the emulsions 'melt'  almost like chocolate. Never saw such a
leather-like layer, stronger even than Kodachrome.The contrast of these 
leather-'silver'-stains almost seemed ortho on the very negative. My bare eye 
couldn't see through the black layer, unlike for Eastman negatives, where 
everything is light grey, even when overexposed.>>>

My question is this: Does the density of the black layer in HP5 negatives require 
a higher gain in video transfer, and therefore increase the video noise? Are 
properly exposed HP5 negatives more likely to be noisy than Kodak b&w 
negatives (which are not as dense)?

Will appreciate hearing any comments,
Kat Dalton

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