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Re: Coments re: Film Reg. -Reply

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> Date:          Fri, 1 Aug 1997 10:57:09 -0700 (PDT)
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> Subject:       Re: Coments re: Film Reg. -Reply

> Hi all,
> What would be nice, is if on the AATON cameras they could blink one of the
> light emitting diodes that generate the Aaton codes, when the film is held
> still during the exposure. If they did this on each frame, then the
> telecine manufactures could build a system to look for this dot and then
> use it as a stabilisation reference. It would then cancel out the
> instability in both the camera and the telecine.
> AATON could just do it, most likely with just a software change, and then
> when the telecine guys get around to supporting it, then it might work.

	Yes, that reference for stabilization could be in the 
underscan/overscan area so it could be used for post but it would not 
appear on TV, or it could be in the academy/super35 area you would 
telecine slightly smaller and then zoom in a few per cent after 
stabilization, in fact I have suggested that to my french fellow JPB 
a while ago but no answer... 

	Regards, JC


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