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Re: Coments re: Film Reg.

In a message dated 97-08-02 10:15:27 EDT, Michael Kaye wrote:

<< Now I'm really confused. Do you mean that the film is driven 
 into place by a sprocketed roller intermittently accellerating 
 and decellerating in real time at 24fps?  (ouch!) >>

Hi Micahel,

Although I have no more of a clue as to what Sony is up to than any of us
other "outsiders," I'd like to mention that using a sprocket which
intermittently starts and stops to pull down 24 fps film is standard practice
for theatrical projection, and has been for at least 80 years.  Actually, at
NAB, Sony mentioned that their prototype machines don't accelerate and
decelerate the film as much as would be the case in theatrical practice,
since they don't need to get as much light as possible onto a big screen.

<< Better yet, when the film frame is being scanned, is it in motion at all,
or stopped? >>

Since Sony is using what they call a "field array sensor," actually the guts
of one of their HD CCD cameras, each frame must be held stationary (i.e.
intermittent motion) at least long enough to be captured by the sensor.  I do
not know if they've made any special arrangements to shutter the CCD beyond
what is normally done in cameras, and this would be an interesting thing to
find out sometime.


Christopher Bacon

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