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Re: Coments re: Film Reg.

> Michael Kaye wrote:

> Now I'm really confused. Do you mean that the film is driven 
> into place by a sprocketed roller intermittently accellerating 
> and decellerating in real time at 24fps?  (ouch!) >>

Christopher Bacon wrote:

> Hi Micahel,

> Although I have no more of a clue as to what Sony is up to than any of us
> other "outsiders," I'd like to mention that using a sprocket which
> intermittently starts and stops to pull down 24 fps film is standard practice
> for theatrical projection, and has been for at least 80 years.  


Steven Gladstone then wrote:
> I think that the difference here is that, the Sprocket wheels are always
> moving at a constant speed and the film is not. A CLAW is used to engage the
> film, at or near the aperture plate, and pull the film through one frame at a
> time. Because the film starts and stops, there is a loop, above and below the
> aperture plate (GATE), between the gate where the film is moving in an
> intermittent motion, and  the sprocket rollers which drive the film.
> Steven Gladstone

Thanks for saving me alot of writing.  I myself was wondering 
whether he thought the film frame was pushed, or pulled into 
place in the gate by a sprocketed roller ("for at least 80 years").


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